Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Minutes to Midnight faces a journey of biographical memory through a painful family heritage. This is the theme of Simone Silvestroni's debut album as Minutes to Midnight, and of its first track, "Skinny Kid".

Minutes to Midnight // Skinny Kid – Official Music Video

Introduced by a melancholy piano full of bitterness, the track immediately conveys a pervasive sensation of isolation and solitude, which is impeccably underlined by the baritone timbre of Dan Ecclestone, sealed by the ethereal touch of Rachel Goodman’s vocals.

As the track continues, the images that ‘Skinny Kid‘ instills acquire more and more body and substance, vibrating on the blows of an inexorable rhythmic line, up to a stratification with backing vocals, guitars, synths and sound effects that return a sublime listening experience.

Deep and viscerally touching, ‘Skinny Kid‘ is a dark-colored narration where lyrics and music form a full-bodied and delicate sound balance, through which Minutes to Midnight makes us perceive, with mastery and in all its entirety, the bitter harshness, despair and oppression of the album theme. One of the most beautiful discoveries of this early 2020.

Find out more about Minutes to Midnight and do not miss ‘Skinny Kid’, which is now available on the web.