Waiting for his debut album Salt, expected on March 6, after Past The Evening and Baby Books, the Brighton (UK) based author Michael Baker returns with a moving single.

We’re talking about They Look Just Like They Know, an acoustic song full of charm to the point of leaving you breathless, the perfect soundtrack for these months that accompany us towards the end of winter. With this exquisite, tender and immersive listening experience, Baker gives us a moment of reflection accompanied by a sense of renewal.

Michael wrote They Look Just Like They Know when he moved to Brighton after spending a couple of years living in his van and getting around. As he says: “I wrote ‘They Look Just Like They Know’ when I had moved to Brighton after spending a couple of years of living in my Van and moving around. This song is a melancholic ponder on both the comfort and discomfort of memories, and how sometimes, in the darker times, your own home can feel strange and unfamiliar. It’s the difference between feeling at home in your mind, and feeling trapped in it.”

Graciously full of reverbs, cinematic moments, and beautifully plucked strings, with They Look Just Like They Know Baker showcases a mature and colorful songwriting and storytelling, bringing attention to his airy and touching vocal performance, perfect to make all listeners relate with the theme of the song.

Listen now to  They Look Just Like They Know, the latest release from Michael Baker, available on Spotify [ here ].

To find out more about Michael Baker and his music, check the links below: 

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