Mesa Jane recently released a brand new single titled “We Are One” featuring a collaboration with talented artist Kuf Knotz.

Co-written by Mesa Jane, Tim Sonnefeld, and Kuf Knotz, “We Are One” delivery the vision of promoting unity and addressing discrimination of all forms. Produced by Tim Sonnefeld and recorded in Retro Studios and Red Starr Recording, the song came with a music video, created by up and coming artist Quinton Butler from Waxahachie, TX.

With “We Are OneMesa Jane delivery to us a wonderfully alternative pop song. This song is an innovative combination of chiming nuances, opening dynamically the soundscape of the song by itself.

Mesa Jane and Kuf Knotz // "We Are One" - artwork
Mesa Jane and Kuf Knotz // “We Are One” – artwork

A creative spectrum which moves from an intimate dimension, driven by a big and lush piano arrangement to an open and spreading feeling, guided by lead vocals of absolute perfection.

Something like a cocoon, which slowly open, to reveal what’s the tender beauty hosted inside, the song moves along, detailing and layering his structure, in order to create a magnificent and charming scenario.

The piano riffs, along with pulsing drums and the textured synths combines organically with immersive and rounded vocals. This all instill a special vibe to “We Are One”, which is not a “simple” pop song.

The track has an experimental nature, capable to give an almost transcendent experience. Absolutely not to be missed.

Discover now the sound of “We are One” available on Spotify [ here ] and watch the music video on Meas Jane YouTube channel [ here ].

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