With a soulful interweaving of Latin influenced indie electronic, the talented music producer Melloe D, already known for the catchy melodies and sweet Latin rhythms she incorporates into her music, now fascinates us with the magnetic aura silhouetted by ‘City Lights’.

Enriched by Felipe Cervando’s silken voice, the track is a bewitching listening experience richly decorated by a chill and stretched rhythm, which beat after beat captures us in an exquisitely crafted musical aesthetic.

“The idea before creating this song was to break down barriers when it comes to collaborating with artists from different countries. Felipe and I made an online friendship and decided to join our talents”, Melloe D says about the song, then continues: “City Lights was a song produced by me with the idea of having Felipe as the only singer. The telephone effect with which he initially started gave me the inspiration to add me to the second verse and create a story about two people who converse to escape together in the city.”

And this is how this talented producer amazes and surprises us with an innovative creative approach, giving life to a song that sounds like few others. Like a precious tiara bejeweled with precious stones, ‘City Lights’ hides among its layers a collection of gems of remarkable quality.

From the intertwining of the voices, to the advanced beat, from the characterization of the sound design, to the enhancement of the touches and vocal timbres, from the evolutionary dynamics of the musical discourse to the permeation of the expressive veins, we could write a manual of musical production analyzing the myriad of details that Melloe D’s expert hand and ear put into ‘City Lights’.

Among the most noteworthy electronic productions that we have listened to for a long time, ‘City Lights’ by Melloe D and Felipe Cervando is ahead of an endless list of songs, not only in its genre, but also in the most blazoned of mainstream.


Melloe D & Felipe Cervando // City Lights
Melloe D & Felipe Cervando // City Lights

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