Melany Thompson is a pianist and composer from Sydney, Australia. Classically trained as a child from the age of 4, and spent many of her early childhood years performing in music eisteddfods and recitals.

At the age of 12, Melany had the honor of performing at the renowned Sydney Opera House in a concert for young performers, but after completing her AMEB 6th-grade exam, she put formal piano lessons on hold to pursue other sporting and creative activities.

A corporate career in marketing and communications, marriage, and two kids later, Melany has returned to her passion and fulfilled her dream to record her debut album “Memories of Home” in 2019.

A beautiful collection made of 11 tracks we covered a few months ago, with “Memories of Home,” Thompson sported the fullness and the extensive range of her formidable musical lexicon. If you missed our piece, you can find it right here: Melany Thompson // Memories Of Home

In the wake of this rosy inspiration, Melany has recently released her new work. We are talking about “This Moment,” a moving, evocative, and soft modern piano piece released for Yellow Rose Records.

The song is about living in the present and making the most of the moment you find yourself in. To be completely still in this moment, without worries about the future. To not leave things unsaid, to seize the moment and give it your all,” says Melany about the song.

Here Thompson works her magic once again. The movements of her hands become an integral and essential part of her piano by making the physical boundary between her fingers and the keys as transparent as impalpable.

This might seem obvious, as she is the one playing. Yet the transport with which she manages to convey the musical message is imbued with a disarming beauty and naturalness.

Stripping off the performer’s role, Melany prostrates herself at the service of the song, offering us an example of unparalleled artistic humility and human sensitivity.

If you haven’t discovered the talent and expressiveness of this incredible artist yet, now is the giving a listen to “This Moment.”

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