Like the blind man who sharpens the hearing, or the deaf who increases the sight, Melany Thompson cannot pronounce words with her piano, but the beauty and richness of the notes that the fingers of her admirable hands can command are much more eloquent than a whole army of anonymous singers and songwriters who flood today’s disposable music scene.

Through 11 tracks − let us say it immediately: one more beautiful than the other − Thompson sports a formidable musical lexicon. Her never predictable phrasings are incomparable orchestrations, fantastically modulated between subtle and at the same time characterizing interchanges and theme variations, dynamically moved by bass pedals, arpeggios, harmonization, counterpoint and juxtaposition.

The push and pull, the ad libitum, the pauses and the suspenseful silences that precede cascades of notes that flow amiably along crystalline musical arguments, are still only one part of that immense arsenal of technique and style that Thompson masters with unmatched naturalness.

These structures, particularly evolved in their inflections and extroflections, are organically combined with fluidity and consistency, along with the perfect equilibrium between delicacy and vividness. The way in which Melany strings them together is something astonishingly exciting and evocative, making it all way more than just the aforementioned peculiar display of technique and style.

With her expressive and inspired touch, within every single track she brings a density of sensations and emotions that feels like a luxuriant flowering of her perceptions of the moments that shaped her life.

Her successes, pains, loves… A person’s whole life painted on the notes of a piano. They are all there, framed in that admirable work of art made into music which is ‘Memories of Home’.

Listen now to Melany Thompson’s album ‘Memories of Home’, and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

About Melany

Melany started piano lessons at the age of four, and spent many of her early childhood years performing in music eisteddfods and recitals.

At the age of 11, Melany performed at the Sydney Opera House in a concert for young performers, but after completing her AMEB 6th grade exam at the age of 12, Melany put formal piano lessons on hold to pursue other sporting and creative activities.

Preferring to play for leisure, Melany began composing her own music a few years later. Although she studied music at school and at university for a short time, Melany did not pursue a formal career in music, however it remained a passionate hobby.

A corporate career in marketing and communications, marriage and two kids later, Melany has returned to her passion and fulfilled her dream to record an album of her original music.