This is "Bad Terms", the long-awaited debut album they released last November

Meghan & Caitlin are two young and talented artists from the suburbs of Chicago. They are sisters, two years apart, and after initially performing as soloists, 5 years ago they combined their creativity to write three songs together, winning a Battle of the Band at their high school. Since then they have decided to work together as a duo.

With an EP, five singles and two remixes to their credit, in 2019 they totaled just under 120,000 streams on Spotify alone, with more than 47,000 listeners spread across 79 countries.


Meghan & Caitlin have more than earned this success, thanks to a music characterized by witty, intelligent, sometimes impertinent lyrics, dynamic harmonies, and catchy melodies that won’t get out of your head. But it is certainly the combination of their vocal timbres that makes their music stand out, giving each of their songs exquisite nuances where Meghan’s warm and soft pop voice blends with Caitlin’s smokey and more bluesy one.

With a genuine and deeply felt musical delivery, the 11 tracks that make up “Bad Terms” sound like pages ripped straight from their diaries, a true source from which they draw their inspiration, transporting their real life experiences into music and lyrics. It is a true catalyst through which they allow us to get in touch with their soulful creativity, to the point where they help us overcome problems, widening or focusing our view on what might be good or bad for us.

The two sisters create musical narrations that are so vivid and touching they vibrate, pulsate and shine of their own light. And it all happens thanks to the dualism of their voices, now a persuasive unison, now a more scratchy contrast, and to the intensity and permeance of sound spectra they build, which are so well-balanced, rich and intelligible they’re works of art.

With “Bad Terms“, Meghan & Caitlin offer us a vast scope of truly valuable ranges, declined with taste and intelligence also through genre variations. While they remain close to a pop root, Meghan & Caitlin are capable of drifting off into territories a more typical of EDM, such as environmental or downtempo, and still keep intact the album overall unifying vision.

They seem to use infinite shades in painting their musical images, linked, song after song and story after story, by a poetic narrative that aims straight, albeit delicately, to the deepest corners of our hearts.

It would be reductive to praise some of these 11 songs over others. Likewise, keeping on listing their peculiarities would become an exercise in sterile vivisection, the farthest thing possible from what this work represents.

Instead, we want to invite you to listen to “Bad Terms” in all its entirety and appreciate each and every one of its tiny details, squeezing out every single drop of its essence. Because we know that, one way or another, at least one of these 11 songs will be able to break through even the coldest heart of stone.

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Meghan & Caitlin // “Bad Terms” - album cover
Meghan & Caitlin // “Bad Terms” - album cover

Meghan & Caitlin‘s long-awaited debut album is already here, available everywhere, on digital platform and also on CD: