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Rising from the city of Berlin, Mbarz is a rap artist who is pursuing his music distinguished by a personal approach and a witty vocabulary that lead him to show off blunt rides and chill ciphers. Mbarz realized that he would make music professionally around March 2019 when, finding himself unemployed for a couple of months, he wrote his debut single ‘Rain Drops’.

From the slums of Shaolin, the Wu tang clan all the way to Amy Whinehouse as well as wordsmiths the likes of Lupe Fiasco and Belly, to create his music Mbarz is also inspired by the thriving Berlin techno scene and the dynamics of the vibrant German city.

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From blues to funk, but also the vibrant tech house rhythms that abound in his city, in creating his music Mbarz fishes with full hands in different genres and styles to give life to an expressive act that is a perfect reflection of his way of being.

Between inspired gems and creative juices, this artist is working to connect with people through his musical message, released from the economic aspect of the thing, and more inclined to the empathic and spiritual aspect that this can bring to him and his listeners.

Among the heady rap launches of Mbarz produced to date, the two singles ‘Guap’ and ‘Raindrops’ and the album ‘A Daze Before the Dayz’ stand out.

‘Rain Drops’ and ‘Guap’ offer listeners to listeners a raw side of the Berlin rapper, made brilliant by the fluent flow that the artist exhibits with affable flair. Stretched out on compelling atmospheric beats, the multi-syllabic rhymes that Mbarz flaunts in amazing rebounds and arpeggios sound compelling and engaging.

Two dense or soaked first fruits of Mbarz’s musical delivery, which sound like a flagship in the discography of this talented artist.

It is a creative projection whose horizon opens and finds even more breath with Mbarz’s most lyrical and reflective debut album ‘A Daze Before the Dayz’. Here the artist seems to rise even further, bringing a sound and flow that in their unicum seems even more mature and bright.

An unmissable artist, all to be discovered, Mbartz is already working on his next project. A 5-track EP titled ‘Verbal Alchemy’, which is expected to fall by summer 2020.

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