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From melodic runs and guttural riffs to moving and empowering ballads, MARE is the brand-new album signed by Boston-based career enthusiasts of heavy metal and heavy rock music Maximilian Wentz.

A brilliant and unique mix of vocals and instrumentals that successfully showcases the extremes, the pikes, and valleys of the dominant emotions of terror, evil, desperation, angst, and betrayal.

While the album aims to keep you hooked throughout all 10 tracks by creating a fight within for the victim’s plight to escape, the intensity of
the songs rise through rhythm riffs that nail each of the tunes
directly into your ear.

The alternation between calm stripped-down, and frantic parts creates a non-stop journey of surprises along the way, while the sense of desperation tugs at you and push at you to go on until you feel the subject’s all-in drive to break the chains and fight back.

Here there is so much to discover. With its unique genre-blending content of heavy metal, metalcore, bridging alternative
and heavy rock music, the album’s story expands following the two main characters of Little Nightmares, a video game where a girl named Six and a boy named Mono navigate their way through a world inhabited by horrific monsters and various other life-altering threats.

We won’t reveal more about the dark whimsical tale and puzzle adventure game that will confront you with your unforgettable childhood fears.

But, if you dare, you are just a step away from MARE by Maximilian Wentz.

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