An album with a vibrant emotional fullness. This is “The Honest Me Pt.1”
Who is Maxime, the Parisian artist who is charting new and exciting paths through pop?

Maxime Boublil was born in Paris, France, into a family of theater artists. His father, Alain, wrote the musical adaptation of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, while his mother was the first Cosette at Les Miserables in France.

A cellist since childhood, after his major in Music in Visual Media at the Academy of Arts University of San Francisco, he continued his career as an engineer at Furstock Studios, with three-time ARIA Award-winning engineer Doug Brady. Having written over 50 songs, he began producing and recording his music.

The Honest Me Pt.1” is the manifesto of Maxime‘s creative talent, in which his sensitivity, his background and his heritage blend in unison to compose a vivid and brilliant production. The dedication that Maxime pours into the songs on this album seems to spring up, genuine and permeating, directly from the artist’s heart.

Through an emotionally expressive lyricism, Maxime creates  a true spectacle, telling us an inspired story. The skill he shows at mastering his voice is surprising, giving us a performance that is now resonant, now delicate, perfectly set in captivating arrangements which are genuine orchestrations.

The Honest Me Pt.1” is a full immersion listening experience. In its entirety, a unique work in the current music scene.

Energetic and uplifting.
Solid and sincere.
Among the most beautiful discoveries of 2019.

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