Matulla // Things Have Changed ft. Nick Gegan - single cover

From the German musician from Wolfsburg, Matulla, comes the rock single ‘Things Have Changed’, featuring Nick Gegan.


‘Things Have Changed’ is linked to a book of short stories set in various places in the United States, which Mathias Brand, aka Matulla, wrote after breaking a leg in a bicycle accident.

During the recovery period Matulla used a pair of VR glasses for mobile phones, walking mainly in the USA, thus getting inspired to have his stories take place in America.

A chapter of a journey inside a journey, ‘Things Have Changed’ is a compelling rock number co-produced by Sean Tolley of Clarity Recordings, and belongs to the Wilson Lake chapter.

Listen now to ‘Things Have Changed’, the single by Matulla, featuring Nick Gegan, available for streaming on Bandcamp.

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