Matt Westin is back with another first-rate single.
This is the spitfire single “Hey Bro.”

Country singer-songwriter Matt Westin recently released his new single “Hey Bro”. This song is a catchy piece that vibrates clearly and loudly, thickened by Westin’s baritone voice.

With this new single Westin offers us a joyful and reassuring hymn to friendship and to the way people grow together.

A piece of great energy, perfectly rooted in his artistic sign and his country heritage.

Matt Westin // "Hey Bro" - artwork
Matt Westin // “Hey Bro” – artwork

The arrangement is rich and complete, with an exquisite amount of detail. The melodic riffs push the majestic grace that is breathed throughout the piece. Everything further underlines the theme of the song.

Hey Bro” is a vibrant, lived and real piece, with a rousing groove. As the whole work rises with a tremendous amount of energy, everything lights up with great colors, spontaneously prompting you to tap your foot to the music while singing its catchy melody.

In a perfect balance of style, Matt Westin incorporates the roots of classic rock, enriches them with a blues vein, and expands it all with the typical country atmosphere, building up a gorgeous stream of sound.

Hey Bro” is a first-class production, in which every single bit of sound is totally dedicated to conveying the meaning of the song.

The definitive addition to your favorite playlists.
To be shared with friends at any bonfire or tailgate party.
To listen to over and over again, always in one go.

Get carried away by the engaging sound of Matt Westin. Listen now to “Hey Bro“, which is available on Spotify [ + ] and on all other major streaming platforms.

Discover all the overwhelming music of Matt Westin and keep in touch with him, visiting his website [ here ].