His fans define him as "the next big thing" and describe his songs as a meeting between Lupe Fiasco, Usher and Bob Marley

Martin stands out not only for the magnetic twist of R&B and World influence, but also for the naturalness with which he performs. His self-produced debut EP “Direction” received international critical acclaim and was followed by other singles, that Toe released as a thank you for those who enjoyed music.

His latest single “Mercy”, released on Valentine’s Day, is a piece in which Martin Toe combines Afrobeat melodies with contemporary hip-hop vibes. Through a serenade led by a groove of synths and percussion, Martin links words about the importance of life and finished work.

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We recently had the opportunity to interview Martin Toe. Keep reading to learn more:

One of your goals in your artistic career is to also help other artists make it. What can you tell us about this?

In the industry sometimes we get the idea that it’s only for a few people. Yet, the reality is there’s room for everyone. We are all on the journey together and so the best way to succeed is to uplift those around us. Something like the gold rule “do for others as you would like others to do for you.”

How is your relationship with live performances?

I do live performances not so often but at least three times a month Most of the time they are medium-sized event with over 200 people attending. I just haven’t depended on performing live as a means of income, but this next summer I am working on a state tour for New Hampshire and later Massachusetts and down the road to Rhode Island etc.

What do you see in the near future of your career? What are you aiming for?

I see myself becoming a household name in New England, the U.S. and globally. My goal is to draw the ears of people away from negative music that leads to depression, suicide and drug addition, to healthy wholeness, mentally and spiritually.

Can you give our readers any anticipation on your next project?

I’ve been working on a really cool project that is expected to be done later this year, but right now we have some awesome singles and music videos content for our fans that they should be looking forward to. Our goal is to build communities of love, respect and kindness. I think our music is fostering that environment.

Where on the web can we point fans who want to follow you?

They can follow me on Instagram: @iammartintoe 


Also make sure to add me on Snapchat.