A producer and DJ duo, the latest that the Martin Brothers bring to the table, is a compelling and enthralling number.

This is ‘Looking For You’, a retro-futuristic song, richly packaged in a livery that combines the charm of the electronic music aesthetics of the ’80s with an organic and airy selection of contemporary elements.

Following the sparkling 15-track album ‘California’ and a lively string of singles, the Martin Brothers amazes us once more time, thanks to their definitely captivating sound and visual.

Here, glittering synth sounds, a rhythmic funk guitar, and an energetic voice decorated with vocoder are light strikes, perfect ledges and springboards to magnify the visual of ‘Looking For You’, featuring the two brothers busy working behind the mixer, involved on a recording session with a very nice android singer.

Of course, as soon as you see them and listen to ‘Looking For You’, your mind goes immediately to Daft Punk – with influences which also come from The Killers – reminiscent of great songs; one above all: ‘One More Time’.

Yet, that of the Martin Brothers is anything but a mere exercise in style, capable as they are of giving a distinctive character to a signature of exquisite musicianship, magnetically attractive.

And, judging by the attention they have garnered, with thousands of followers on socials and monthly listeners on Spotify, as many views amassed on their YouTube channel, it seems that we were among the few who still didn’t know their music yet!

Never mind, we will look to recover, following the journey of the Martin Brothers in this growth that seems unstoppable, cohesive and inspired as they are in having created and continuing to feed the niche they have been able to develop over time.

Indeed, it will be exciting to see what these guys will present next, as, from such a colorful synth-pop duo, surprise is around every corner. You can bet.

Listen now to ‘Looking For You’, the latest single from the Martin Brothers, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms, along with the unmissable official video, available on the Martin Brothers’ YouTube channel.

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