Bringing us a production developed with great care that will surely be worth a firm place in the local music scene and beyond, the EP by Markus Brückner is a collection of 5 songs exquisitely imbued with epic cinematic atmospheres.

Here, free from any sort of compromise, Brückner offers a musical delivery that stands out and lights up, vibrant and direct like a beacon in the night, touching and reassuring like a permanent center of gravity.

Next to the title track ‘Lonely Path’, the second song, titled ‘Give Up The Crown’, undoubtedly also stands out. This pair of aces, thanks to their natural beauty, let Brückner’s message arrive effortlessly, giving to us moments imbued with a fragility that is anything but defenseless.

Real impulses, aimed at instilling and evoking emotionally engaging atmospheres, with its title track and ‘Give Up The Crown’, Markus Brückner’s EP ‘Lonely Path’ is one of the most interesting discoveries we have made in the cinematic epic music genre.

An impeccable shining example that fully demonstrates how even these genres, notoriously declined only as instrumental compositions, can be taken to another level also through the use of lyrics.

Listen now to Markus Brückner’s EP ‘Lonely Path’, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms, and find out more about Brückner and his music by checking the links below:

Markus Brückner // Lonely path - EP cover
Markus Brückner // Lonely path - EP cover