Originally from Nashville, TN (USA), Mark Henes is a singer and songwriter whose style combines different influences such as rock, country, and blues, standing out thanks to a diversified artistic approach.

It is a sort of magic touch, which gives his music a sprinkle of charm, as we can hear in his latest single, “Ghost Train.” Through introspective lyrics and a sound with a hint of melancholy in it, in this release Henes embraces the roots of American music and projects them forward, enriching them with an energy that comes straight from contemporary vibes.

Engaging and heartfelt in the content and meaning of the lyrics, the song is further enriched by Mark’s vocal performance, which is colored by a warm and airy touch, in perfect balance as it alternates with the graceful violin and guitar riffs harmonies.

The production of impeccable quality, combined with the peculiar songwriting by Henes, are the additional ingredients of a perfect sound recipe, which makes “Ghost Train” a number that stands out in a valuable way over the background buzz of today’s music.

The kind of timeless song with a simple beauty you’ll want to be wrapped in.

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Mark Henes // "Ghost Train" - cover
Mark Henes // “Ghost Train” – cover

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