Mark Henes is back with a new single for 2020. It is “Arm Full of Roses”, an engaging country ballad, guided by Henes’ exciting vocal performance, accompanied by guitars and reverbs that set up an exquisitely romantic moment and time. Something that reminds us of the era of 45 rpm vinyls, radio shows and the time when modern popular music was born.

Through a no-frills emotional approach, Henes’ song sounds sincere and genuine, once again making his songwriting talent something memorable.

But while keeping things essential, in “Arm Full of Roses” Henes creates a world that seems all-encompassing and absolutely wonderful, in which the poetics of Mark’s warm and comforting lyrics shine, highlighted by the profound intensity of the performance of this talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. A real exaltation of its purity and its unmistakable timbre, for a production that draws its beauty from its simple and stripped structure, which sees Mark accompanied only by a couple of guitars.

The tender beauty that transpires from “Arm Full of Roses”, like Mark’s delicate guitar work, somehow refer us to those old classic love songs, reviewed in a rich and kaleidoscopic mix filtered by a bluesy touch and that more typical taste of the 50’s ballads.

In his still young career, Mark Henes has imprinted his distinctive mark on everything he is creating, ranging from country to punk, carrying on his personal inspiration.

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