Maria Jacinta is a techno-dance singer who came into the music scene in the early 2000s. She’s also a lyricist and songwriter, and recently she has returned to the spotlight with a compelling and engaging new techno-disco release: the single ‘Human’.

Singing about a man’s indecision, calling in “cold gazes and stone hearts”, that of Jacinta seems a tough call against the hesitation of those who decide not to decide, remaining seated inside some sort of fence.

Moved by an energizing dance rhythm, the track follows a cyclic refrain that repeats obsessively together with the lyrics of the chorus “human, human, sitting on the fence”, introducing elements of techno that balance organically in an equilibrated mix, where Jacinta’s vocals finds the right space to effectively transmit a permeating musical delivery.

Between saw synths and tribal percussion, Maria Jacinta’s ‘Human’ presents itself as an interesting release, which thanks to the characterization of Maria’s vocal touch, between laconic and reflective, makes moves the legs and the mind.

Listen now to ‘Human’, the latest single release from Maria Jacinta, and find out more about Maria and her music, checking the links below:

Maria Jacinta // Human - single cover
Maria Jacinta // Human - single cover