Taking inspiration from his own life, Maitika Rollack puts his personal experience into his music, as the focal point of a creative perspective in which he reports what he has and what he represents. Committed to sending a message, you can see his artistic growth with each new song he releases.

With a musical output that ranges easily between hip-hop, rap, trap, and dark, Maitika Rollack proves to be a versatile artist with a determined and clear creative vision.

The latest single he just released is “Doctor Who“, a song that represents a new stage in Maitika Rollack‘s recording career.

With this new work, Maitika brings us a hip-hop number characterized by a line of low frequencies that is minimal in structure but powerful in substance.

While synth arpeggios and percussion work give brilliance to the whole mix, the vocals stand out above all, in particular Maitika’s rap flow, which makes the entire piece rousing and heartfelt.

Listen now to “Doctor Who”, the latest single from Maitika Rollack, available on Soundcloud [ here ] and Unitedmasters [ here ].

To discover all the music by Maitika Rollack, visit his profile and follow him on Instragram [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].

Maitika Rollack // "Doctor Who" - cover
Maitika Rollack // "Doctor Who" - cover