Meeting in 2018 outside a club in Bangkok, Maigo and Ralphy found the right link, creating a collaboration fueled by what they call “an emotional fire”, that inspired them in the creation of the EP ’23 and Broke’.

After a day to make the beats, and 3 months to get the right vocals and the perfect mix and mastering, today Maigo and Raplhy comes with a characteristic and compelling 3-tracks EP, branded by a mix of genres and styles which made it a distinctive and interesting release. Here the atmosphere is given by an organic and hypercaloric smoothie of electronics, trap, hip-hop and R&B, with a sprinkling of pop and cleverly dosed touches of autotune, which never unbalance the general aesthetic.

Calling in themes such as the cage of minimum-wage jobs, the desire to pursue a proper dream, the reflections on aging parents, depression, and the sense of despair of those who look to a brighter future, ’23 and Broke’ sounds like a soundtrack for an entire generation, which through music, is still looking for a social redemption, if not even a human one.

Listen now to ’23 and Broke’, the EP by Maigo, and find out more about him and his music, checking the links below:

Maigo // 23 and Broke - EP cover
Maigo // 23 and Broke - EP cover
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