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Brilliant and Refreshing – With a genuinely unrolled mix between the folds of the heart and soul, Magnif PonDiRiddim is an artist on a compelling mission. And the sound is certainly not far behind.

His statement vibrates clear and strong: Magnif PonDiRiddim, pioneer and ambassador of Fusion music, chiseled inside and outside a sonic panacea where genres and styles such as Reggae, R&B, Pop, Soca, and Afrobeats, meet and unite in the service of creativity.

The vision is clear. Crystalline. And the thrill of excitement is all here, starting with Magnif PonDiRiddim’s single, “Wanna Be Loved.”

With a story based on my real life of her, Magnif sings her trial, hanging in the balance between 3 women, with 3 different personalities. “They all Wanted to Be Love the right way” – says PonDiRiddim – “Hence the name of the song. I Did end up actually making one my Lady who im with today.”

The strings of the romantic are at home here, and Magnif proves to be a skilled enchanter in giving space and breath to this vein, as also comes in the official video for “Romance.”

His musical heritage plays a major role here. He started singing at the age of 7 and he performed with his Mother’s singing group from Barbados from a young age treading various stages all around the US, Canada, and Barbados too.

However, more than a mere game of style aimed at extolling “Amarcord Chimeras,” Magnif’s vision magnetizes us with stories embedded in those affairs of the heart that make us laugh, cry, suffer and rejoice, both when we live them and when we are missing.

And PonDiRiddim seems to be truly an affable master in grasping this magical dust, and in returning it to us through his signature.

Listen now to "Wanna Be Loved," the latest Single by Magnif PonDiRiddim, and check out his official video for "Romance."

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