UK rap songwriter and producer Madman State casts his spell with his latest atmospheric single ‘Don’t Need Nothin (But You)’.

Moved by a captivating flow and an enveloping and sophisticated atmosphere, with ‘Don’t Need Nothin (But You)’ Madman State lays the foundation for a heartfelt message of gratitude towards a significant other, giving to his musical and expressive journey a support that seems to come directly from his heart.

Speaking about his song, Madman State says that it is “an example of the gratitude men show their women should they stick by their side and be their ‘ride or die’!”

Built on hip-hop and R&B vibes, ‘Don’t Need Nothin (But You)’ is a sort of melodic ballad, by which Madman State guarantees to bring us in a characteristic listening experience, accompanying us in a suggestive trip full of his stylistic signature.

Listen now to ‘Don’t Need Nothin (But You)’, the latest from Madman State, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Madman State // Don't Need Nothin' (But You)
Madman State // Don't Need Nothin' (But You)