A former jingle composer whose work appeared, among others, on National Geographic, Fox, and The Food Network, Maddhatr released his first two-track pop single ‘Life’.

With his alias, Maddhatr wants to pay homage to the Mad Hatter, one of the most recurring villains in Batman’s comic book world. The call to a certain darker side leads Maddhatr to use his rhymes as a sort of defense mechanism.

An example of this comes also from the poetry with which the artist presents himself in his bio:

I was a dark horse
Running a dog race
This is my dark side
Those were my dark days
Always got dark eyes
From smoking and long nights
The sky is the darkest
Before the sunrise
Walk with my head down
Can’t see the dark clouds
Don’t aim just fire
It’s my shot in the dark now

Maddhatr is clearly an artist who puts reflective songwriting at the center of attention, which translates into exploratory introspective lyrical contents, carried out in the first person. The permeating figurative forms that the singer-songwriter gives us with his latest release ‘Life’ are certainly a shining example of that.

Suspended in a transition between awareness and a new starting point for a subsequent exploration and development phase, the two tracks that make up the single, ‘Life’ and ‘Cat and Mouse’, play on this sort of perceptive sentimental dynamism.

The songwriting pop tunes painted by Maddhatr vibrates and excites thanks to reflective lyrics, infused into two atmospheric songs that are enriched by a sound balanced at the edge of contemporary acoustic finesse, moved as it is by Sacha Katz’s beats.

Listen now to ‘Life’, the latest single from Maddhatr, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Maddhatr // Life - single cover
Maddhatr // Life - single cover