Moving through the folds of pop subgenres, Mackenzie Nicole explores the theme of mental illness and well-being. The artist introduces this journey with her second album, titled ‘Mystic’, and is going to continue it through a series of videos, including a short film due out in May, leading us through dark-pop, trip-hop and electro shades.

Sporting a completely new and original sound, ‘Mystic’ is the result of Nicole’s collaboration with producer Michael “Seven” Summers. This is a sort of moody-pop odyssey that stands out for its authentic narration, through which Mackenzie shares her most intimate emotions and thoughts.

“I wanted to make this music because it’s a story I had to tell,” she explains. “I am not the only person who has gone through this. I am not the only person who has broken down and felt like the only one in the world.”

Vocally surprising, through the 12 tracks of ‘Mystic’ Mackenzie weaves the plots of a wonderful musical world, giving us an immersive concept album that sounds like a warm, comforting and understanding embrace.

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