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Hailing from the historically grunge-infused Seattle root, M-Ritz is an emerging pop singer and songwriter whose signature is spiced up by the East Coast swagger absorbed in her later years in New York

of classical and jazz vocal training

imbued with a wide range of influences of musical genres

ranging from Opera to Rock, from Funk to Rockabilly

Thus M-Ritz cultivated a developed her own fluid singing style, inspired by the talent of artists such as Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Imelda May, Enya, Bjork, Aretha Franklin and Eva Cassidy

M-Ritz’s sparkling music infuses depth and immersion by accompanying each note with exciting and noteworthy rhythms.

She began releasing music independently in 2018 with her debut EP “Like I Love You” (produced by XNDR by AP Music Group and Robert “Cortex” Sparks with hOLLANDjUNGLE). During the same year, she collaborated with hOLLANDjUNGLE and Ax-Ra Films for the release of two other experimental singles, which allowed her to expand her horizons between soul stylizations and more pressing EDM evolutions.

Staying true to her sensual vocal touch, M-Ritz then focused her artistic energies on creating an evolutionary fusion, amiably suspended between the magic of the most classic jazz and the panache of the most modern pop, starting with her 2019 single, Cool Cat (hOLLANDjUNGLE).

Three years after the release of her follow-up singles, the two Jazzy-pop tunes Cool Cat and So Close (with Bronx rapper Shay Payso), M-Ritz is back with her release of By Now ( July 2022), a 7-track album in a Cinematic Pop style flavored with Deep House spices and Jazz, Nu Disco and Rock fragrances.

A work of exquisite musicianship comes to our attention to seal the budded richness of M-Ritz‘s creativity. Offspring of the lighter pop vibes of M-Ritz, with By Now, she shows all her artistic ability and caliber.

Among the seven first fruits that make up the rosy bouquet of this album, the first track stands out par excellence, a single accompanied by a magnetic music video: the cover for Diamonds Are Forever.

Inspired by the fascination for James Bond films and the soundtrack of the most famous secret agent of all time, and by personal experience working in the diamond industry, the version of M-Ritz is a reconstruction in a lounge key where jazz and pop intertwine in a contemporary plot of the 1971 classic.

A shining example of the typical cover that in the porting works gives a new succulent fruit even more satisfying than the original, the work of M-Ritz excels for the silky touch with which each element of the production contributes in a fluid and organic way to corroborate a sparkling vision, immersive, and magnetically beautiful.

Readers who have been following us for years know how hard it is to amaze the ears of those who write this blog, especially with covers. But with her version of Diamonds Are Forever M-Ritz has managed to do a flawless job, which goes far beyond being just noteworthy.

In its own right, it is one of the most interesting productions we have discovered in many months.

M-Ritz‘s new EP will soon be followed by a continuation of her unique Jazzy Pop style, with the release of the singles Alter Ego (August 2022) and Baubles (October 2022).

Listen now to Diamonds Are Forever, the latest Single by M-Ritz, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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