Just as small droplets can unite to form splendid lilac clouds, so even tears can turn into something beautiful. This is the central meaning of Lilac Clouds, a beautiful, emotional composition with a soft feeling, which explores one of our frailties.

In fact, Lilac Clouds talks about leaving someone with whom you have a relationship, and the emotional confusion that one feels when they become aware that they’re better off without that person. The feeling of letting go of certain things and moving forward.

Born out of the collaboration between producer-and-musician LUURK and singer Edwina Maben, Lilac Clouds is a fresh and dynamic song, produced with care and attention to detail and consciously engineered.

The arrangement is effective and engaging, tailored to create an atmosphere perfectly fitting to the theme of the song. Richly colored, it embraces and envelops the stellar vocal performance that Edwina gives us in this piece.

Together, these two artists managed to create a masterpiece. The captivating and distinctive sound, combined with the catchy melody and the relatable theme of the song, make Lilac Clouds a precious gem.

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LUURK is the stage name of Alexander Conway, a producer and musician based in Arizona. He has been publishing music since 2017, and, counting Lilac Clouds, has released 10 singles, that to date have totaled more than 1 million streaming only on Spotify. Among his hit songs we’d like to mention One Minute, Quit You and Ain’t Coming Back.

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Edwina Maben is a singer and songwriter from Denver. She wrote her first song at age 13. In 2017 Edwina entered Guitar Center’s Singer Songwriter 6 Contest. Grammy-winning producer RedOne selected Edwina as a top-five finalist of over 9,000 entered songwriters. Edwina was invited to Los Angeles by the Troubadour. In 2018 she released her first 4-track EP, Contagious.

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