A band based out of New York City, Lukka is a group that kept evolving over the past few years, experimenting with new ideas and influences, as well as giving their audience something truly special.

Led by the talented and charismatic Franzi, Lukka is all about combining elements as diverse as alternative rock and psychedelic music into a unique delivery;  a distinctive style that we had the pleasure of tasting already with their previous single ‘Feed Me’, of which we wrote not long ago – if you missed the article, you can read it at the following link: […] – and  which is now renewed with the “cosmo-dromic” ‘No One and Everything In It All’.

“The project started when I played one of my old songs in reverse mode in LogicProX,” explains Franzi on the genesis of this brand-new studio single, than he continues: “I discovered a new guitar riff there from which a new song developed. The song was basically written within 10 minutes. The lyrics mostly talk about us humans, our place in the universe, and that we should love each other more as ‘we might be the only ones, circling around the same sun’.

Richly adorned with a variegated rose of aesthetic influences that recall elements related to indie-rock, post-punk, and up to shoegaze, Lukka’s latest work offers an atmospheric listening experience.

Suggestively developed around a melodic and energetic, catchy and fresh leitmotif, the song offers a rich plot in which upbeat drum patterns, effect-laden guitars, and evocative vocal layers interchange and follow each other.

All this luxuriant yet dreamy richness of sonorities is conveyed in an expansive brightness that manages to underline the timeless perspective that characterizes the aesthetics of this piece.

A release that effectively reflects the matrix of Lukka’s creative vision: simple in terms of relationship, genuinely passionate in its delivery.  A dualism made of immediacy and substance that charms with every listening.

Listen now to ‘No One And Everything In It All’, the latest single from Lukka, and find out more about Lukka’s music, by checking the links below:

Lukka // No One And Everything In It All - single cover
Lukka // No One And Everything In It All - single cover

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Lukka // Feed Me - single cover

Lukka // Feed Me

Lukka echoes the vibrations of the 1980s, with the latest kaleidoscopic release: the psychedelic single ‘Feed Me’