Lukka is a musical project based in New York City, distinguished by a refreshing, lively, and colorful sound, in which a wide range of influences and genres intertwines. Among their latest releases, the single ‘Feed Me’ stands out, as a trippy number dynamically infused in an 80s atmosphere, embellished with an exquisitely unique sound aesthetic.

Driven by arpeggiated synths, lush guitar stabs and bewitching echoes, Lukka’s new work brings to the table a precious blend of psychedelic electronic influences and indie rock music, creating  a captivating musical delivery enriched by an eclectic touch and the outstanding dynamism of the arrangement.

A sonic blaze, made peculiar by the various aesthetic influences that Lukka is inspired by, ‘Feed Me’ shines for the stylistic choices that this band is capable to offer: above all it is worth mentioning the central suspension bridge, which intelligently leads us to a key change, bringing us in a new atmosphere, if not in a new song derived from the first theme. An intriguing listening experience of undeniable creativity.

The release of ‘Feed Me’ is accompanied by an official music video, available on Lukka’s Youtube channel.

Lukka // Feed Me - single cover

‘Feed Me’, the latest kaleidoscopic psychedelic single from Lukka, is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Check now the links below, and find out more about Lukka and their music.

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