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The single and the video out on June 10th introduces a 7-track album expected for this fall. Following tracks will be released one for each subsequent month.

But the focus here is not just on the exciting launch of the new artist. In addition to the novelty, in the groove carved by the chisel of Bjurström, there is also a blazing fire.

Above all I want to entertain. To create memorable shows and live music, which entertain people, make them feel something special; something to draw inspiration from.

Lukas Bjurström‘s is a creative spark aimed at inspiring others, letting them experience the extraordinary, and mutually share that experience with the public.

At the helm of a vessel that sails aft on a route traced to a special even mystical place, the “seeker for a lifetime” Lukas Bjurström collects the essence of his studies and musical heritage, and packs them into an exciting quantum promising livery.

After spending years participating in various projects, this will be the first time that Lukas will go solo, writing his songs, bringing something new to the showcase every month.

The first of these addicting tunes, God Knows, is a terrific hook to mount on the seeker artist’s Ferris wheel. Juicy anticipation of what will be found in the announced album, God Knows opens up a rosy string set to furtherly blossom in the following.

Far beyond the trial-and-error process, Lukas has a very clear view of how to direct his creative process: organic sounds from real instruments, which establish the completeness of the work, to corroborate his songwriting vision with fluidity and personality. The deal? Entertain, unite, inspire.

From Rock to Pop, from Americana to Singer-songwriter, with God Knows Bjurström debuts with a number that already takes his style to a higher level. A level that is as grander and refined as it is careful to maintain a peculiar sign of authenticity and roughness. All grains dosed with wit that embellish and keep the composition faithful to the artist’s influences and his compelling vision.

Although well-rooted in the styles of the 50s and 60s, the theme of God Knows – the overcoming of the past, in order to move forward – is certainly something that many can identify with, calling in references to everyday life and contemporary pop culture, including unmissable hooks like the one on the popular TV show Breaking Bad.

The single and video for God Knows will be released on major digital platforms on June 10th.

Lukas Bjurström has a clear vision of what his music should be like. A vision that has its roots in the concept of being a “seeker“: an artist always in search of truth, his music can be seen as a probing instrument, to be used to convey the discovery, without forgetting one of the main objectives of his delivery, which is to entertain listeners.

His personal journey as a seeker began when Bjurström was still very young, thanks to his father. Teaching him to play the guitar and playing vinyl with Chuck BerryThe DoorsBob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones, he was the first to introduce him to music and to those great artists still inspiring his work today.

Then, taking the best that these big names have to offer, he has expanded his horizon, with elements from Lady GagaBob MarleyJohnny CashNick Cave, and The Beatles.

Now, on the lookout for his solo debut, Lukas Bjurström is set up and tuned to achieve his main goals and wishes through a connecting tryptic: to entertain, to unite, to inspire.

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