Raised on the island of Madeira, Luís Fernandes is a Portuguese artist who has been exposed to music from a very young age, since his parents were part of a traditional local folkloric band. His professional musical career is based on classical piano studies conducted since he was six years old.

His first original compositions date back to when he was 12 years old, when he learned to play the guitar at school. Today nineteen years old and inspired by artists such as Jeremy Zucker and Alec Benjamin, Luís continues his studies in performances and musical recordings at the UWL, committed to improving his production and artist skills more and more.

Luís - photoshoot

With two EPs and some songs to his credit, all originals released over the past three years or so, on February 12 Luís released his new 5-track EP titled ‘left it in the summer’, which the artist has written, produced and mixed completely  on his own.

Focused on the theme of leaving behind negativity and sadness, Luís extracts from his EP the guiding track ‘6 degrees’, a compositional gem of pop songwriting played in an indie alternative key and tenderly embellished by a bittersweet atmosphere. Guided by acoustic guitars, hot synths and an impeccably designed rhythmic section, the song moves dynamically within its atmospheric musical scenario.

The song is built on percussive sounds carefully studied that fit like a glove in the overall atmosphere and that Luís turns on and off with subtle grace, giving the right touch that makes the song move forward only where it is needed.

With ‘6 degrees’ Luís proves to be a formidable composer with talent in spades. He is able to bring to the table with disarming naturalness an expressive richness that is made up of only a few, well studied, carefully placed and dosed elements. This is an enviable mastery of the subject that, we’re sure, will make it so that we’ll hear more of his music, even in other contexts, maybe even as part of the soundtrack of a film or TV series.

Listen now to ‘6 degrees’, the lead track extracted from Luís’ ‘left it in the summer’, available on all major digital platforms at the link push.fm/fl/yu2vy0ed

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