Coming from a family of opera singers and music lovers, Luigi Carneiro is a singer, songwriter and music producer, whose early years had as their soundtrack an eclectic collection of music by famous names such as Mozart, Verdi, Copland, Bacharach, Jobim, Buarque, Gershwin, Holst, Bach, Lloyd-Webber and many others.

Luigi began his musical career in Brazil, performing in various rock, pop and acoustic bands. He has worked on several albums throughout his career, including Alderan (1990), Paul Mounsey’s Nahoo (1996), Nahoo 3 (1999), Notes from the Republic, Brenner Bianco’s first album (1995) and Fenix (2002).

His recent album ‘Staring at Paradise in Times of Chaos’, the result of the collaboration with artist and longtime friend Marcelo Lima, was released by Dying Light Records in Toronto, Canada; from its songs, Carneiro brings us the single ‘We Work Well Together’, that’s been released  with an official music video.

Part of a musical journey articulated throughout the whole album, ‘We Work Well Together’ is a song that in its simplicity amazes for how it can envelop the listener with freshness and contagious positivity. In ‘We Work Well Together’ the fine workmanship of the production demonstrates all of Carneiro’s competence and artistic sensitivity. Through a balanced and clean mix, with a captivating rhythm and a catchy and engaging melody, Carneiro gives us a brilliant number, enhanced by an organic and coherent sound, and shows his exquisite and graceful stylistic aesthetic.

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