Latin urban artist Luia GDD has dropped his captivating hip-hop trap number ‘Flotando Como Nube’.

Luis Angel GDD is a young Latin urban artist of Puerto Rican origins, also known by the stage name of Luia GDD, who lives in Houston, Texas.

Passionate about music since his middle school days, when he played the trumpet, Luis has always been inclined to musicality, as he has shown over the years. In 2020 he officially became the owner of GDD Records LLC, his own record label.

A prolific creative, Luia GDD has published many previews of his unreleased music through his Instagram page. Among these his recent release stands out: the hip-hop trap number titled ‘Flotando Como Nube’.

Luis’s latest is an engaging blend of reggaeton vibrations and is characterized by a catchy, fresh, and contemporary sound.

With a self-declarative mood, penetrating lyrics, and compelling bars, Luia GDD brings to the table a work inspired by his life experience and his attitude, floating in the clouds with freedom and style.

Moved by danceable beats and round melodies, ‘Flotando Como Nube’ is immersed in an atmosphere playfully decorated with bright sounds in the high range and enthralling bass in the low.

An eclectic artist with more music to come, Luia GDD emerges for the personal touch that he manages to give to his flow, rendered in a mix of genres, in which many organically aggregated elements find their way in an innovative approach.

The result is something really interesting, which without a doubt makes Luia GDD an artist to keep an eye on.

Listen now to ‘Flotando Como Nube’, the latest single from Luia GDD, available for streaming on Spotify and on his YouTube channel.

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