Lucy Aggett returns with her third single ‘Told Me’, including the b-side ‘Bury Me Here – Live’.

22-year-old North London and Devon alternative folk singer-songwriter Lucy Aggett is back with a brand-new pop-folk song about the desire to have meaningful, deeper connections with people.

After pleasing us with ‘Sixteen’ – we talked about it recently here – Lucy captures all our attention once again, keeping on telling stories about the difficulties and pleasures of young and modern life. In ‘Told Me’, the third single released to date by Lucy, this inspired artist sings about the want for honesty in a world where small-talk is the norm.

Working once again with producer Jack Arrowsmith, Lucy’s new single features an enveloping and reflective soundscape. Staying true to the raw and anecdotal theme of a certain part of contemporary folk music, ‘Told Me’ incorporates synths, electric guitars and drums that recall  the 80s, combining them with samples of real, candid conversations, which seal the nature of the whole song in a fitting way.

‘Told Me’ comes with a b-side – ‘Bury Me Here – Live’ – that is an acoustic take on an original song about gratitude towards the people and the places you hold dearest.

‘Told Me’ was released on 1st May 2020, on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major streaming platforms. Find out more about Lucy Agget and her music by checking the links below:

Lucy Aggett // Told Me - artwork
Lucy Aggett // Told Me - artwork