A young 14-year-old Rapper with Moroccan origins, Luclover is an artist from the Houston, Texas (USA) music scene who is making himself heard with his just released EP, titled “Bipolar“.

Driven by a passion for basketball, he picked up a ball for the first time at the age of 4. His parents helped him develop his skills in order to excel at an advanced level, allowing him to have a personal trainer and playing with him in the yard.

In January 2019, Luclover discovered that his desire to play basketball had vanished, and decided to take a different path, one that led him to create his own music. His parents fully supported him in this step and helped him create a home studio, where Luclover records and creates all his music.

After his first single titled “999”, which totaled thousands of plays on Soundcloud, he is ready for another slam dunk with his EP “Bipolar“.

Listen now to “Bipolar“, the EP from Luclover, which is available on Spotify here ]. To keep in touch with this young and talented artist, follow him Instagram [ here ].

Luclover // "Bipolar" - EP cover
Luclover // “Bipolar” – EP cover