“Light Years Away”, the latest single from LT & B OH MY, takes us into a space between the lines, bending the linearity of our ordinary things, of our daily lives.

The one conceived by LT & B OH MY is a place-non-place, in some ways a sort of parallel “where”, in which time pushes us to linger, just suspended hovering and drifting in a flying space.

“Light Years Away,” the latest single from LT & B OH MY, is an exploratory blend, aesthetically personal, in which the electronic matrix is ​​mixed with the strands of a more striking Hip-hop, together with the more subdued tones of a low -fi with the most abstract ambitions.

Here, mild spatially dispersive swings, I tread on a certain sense of bewilderment: he just asks us to take a minute to think about the present. In our present. And to the future, even this personally ours, and how at times they seem to be the same.

There’s no loud kickdrum or powerful bass lines here, nor a prominently overexaggerated low end willing to put our feet on the ground. Detached in an atmosphere overexposed to imaginative cosmic radiation, we are lured by a psychedelic synth carpet, while hypnotic soulful vocals suggest eerie brackets. Enough to close our eyes and get lost in a parallel dimension.

LT & B OH MY likes to use a dreamy crystalline thin beat line to make us float hand in hand with synths while the vocals stretch out their sinusoids, whisper their existential landscape into our ears.

Aiming to become something that is equally ours, while not being able to ignore its alien connotation, this is a song about life, “and how it goes in the blink of an eye. How the future seems like light-years away. But then just like that it’s here” add LT & B OH MY.

Not a map for no man’s land, rather a probing vessel to venture into unknown folds even in the maze of something we might think is so well known.

Listen now to "Light Years Away," the latest Single by LT & B OH MY, available to stream on Spotify.

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