Lounge Act Jam recently released a new 8-track album titled “Sunshine After Rain, Lighting Up All My Favorite Spots“, in which he balances the fuzz and distortion of shoe-gaze and synth-pop with dreamy vocal lines and sound spectra engineered to set up enveloping, dynamic atmospheres.

Throughout the album there’s a bitter-sweet psychedelic and experimental component, now melancholic, now appeasing, made of large reverbs that dry out in the development of the various tracks to make room for particularly saturated sound walls.

The resulting musical message is an overall hypnotic journey loaded with the personal signature that makes Lounge Act Jam stand out. At the root of this histrionic creativity there is however a clear intention to spread the information contained in the wide vision of this project.

Take “Let Me Be The One You Want Me To Be“, the way its soft, bass-driven and slightly psychedelic groove  begins to spread, changing the mood, while maintaining the project’s style: with “Sunshine After Rain, Lighting Up All My Favorite SpotsLounge Act Jam clearly creates a distinctive work, far from obvious and familiar clichés.

This is a refuge made of alternative music that’s certainly not for everyone, and there’s nothing bad it that.

Listen to “Sunshine After Rain, Lighting Up All My Favorite Spots“, Lounge Act Jam‘s latest album available on Spotify [ here ], and follow him on Instagram [ here ].