Lorenzo Minozzi is a young and talented record producer and songwriter, born in Italy in ’97, who moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to continue his career in the world of music.

Here, hired as a recording engineer at Studio City Sound, a Californian recording studio recognized all over the world, Lorenzo began to put his artistic qualities to good use, working with hundreds of artists and ranging in the most varied genres, from pop and hip-hop to rock music.

Among his most recent works are the single ‘I Need You Now’, signed by Minozzi with the pseudonym of Lord Tonno, and the dance number ‘You’, co-written and co-produced with the equally talented Italian-Bulgarian-American singer-songwriter Valentina Kamenova.

Here Minozzi surprises us, bringing to the table two compelling numbers of EDM music, in which pop and dance form a fresh mix of genres. Lorenzo shows a certain style, born from his heritage and the experiences gained in the field.

Next to a more sophisticated stylistic aim, which Minozzi conceals, latent in the background, stands out a veiling of effervescence, entrusted to catchy stylistic features and rhythmic dancefloor structures.

These are the assets that, together with the quality of the production, satisfy the listener with their airy, catchy, full-bodied and compelling tones that bring the musical delivery to an even higher level, especially in the creative synchronism that Minozzi proves to have found with Kemanova.

Listen now to ‘You’ and ‘I Need You Now’, the two singles produced by Lorenzo Minozzi, available in streaming on Spotify.

To get in touch with Lorenzo Minozzi, and to find out more about this promising producer and his music, check the links below:

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