Martina Sacchetti
(foto di Renato Lanaro)

We talked about the single “Straight to the Heart” in a recent article. If you missed it, you can find it here: Lorenzo Gabanizza // “Straight to the Heart”. While the song jumped to the fourth position of the European Country charts and to the sixth position of the MTV Usa Spotify single chart, the official video that accompanies it topped at the sixth place on the MTV Usa charts, and has been included with 5 stars on the page of the best artists of 2019.

The video for “Straight to the Heart” is a little gem directed by Oscar Serio, an Italian musician and prolific filmmaker, who, thanks to his experience and sensitivity, was able to find the perfect reading key to express the meaning of the song.

“He is a pure genius and loves what he does.” said Gabanizza about Serio in a recent interview. “You can see his passion through his works, and, last but not least, he is a romantic guy. Very sensitive and compassionate.”

Co-protagonist of the video is Martina Sacchetti, an exquisitely talented actress, who boasts a respectable résumé, with over ten years of acting experiences in theatre and cinema and teaching engagements. Martina’s is an unconventional beauty that’s never vulgar, one that manifests through feelings we don’t usually think of in relation to beauty, such as discomfort and suffering.

The exceptional truthfulness with which Martina brings all this into the video could easily have been its one and only backbone, capable of supporting the entire narrative. However, Martina’s skills and the production intelligent vision are able to put Lorenzo’s figure under the same spotlight.

It is here that a spark strikes, capable of creating a chemistry that, while driving and enhancing the acting of the two co-protagonists, manages to convey all the meaning and artistic value of the song.

There is a dualism between the involvement and the transport of the protagonists, between music and images, between quality and attention to production details.

And if this isn’t making art, what else should be?

Lorenzo Gabanizza // “Straight to the Heart“ – videoclip

a video filled with a sort of tender magic

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