Would our life have been better, had we decided differently from what we actually did? In the end, aren’t we just looking for a sense of protection? Isn’t that first embrace the only and everlasting one?

These are the questions that Lorenzo Gabanizza raises with his new folk country song titled ‘All The Words We Never Said’. With this new release, the talented and inspired Italian singer-songwriter gives us an impeccable musical prose embellished by his suggestive lyrics, taking us on a sort of sentimental journey.

Here Lorenzo sets up an emotional interweaving of what-ifs, where the memory and the unrepeatability of certain beautiful moments weaves a fabric with some sort of folds’ life that we would never have imagined.

With ‘All The Words We Never Said’, infused as it is in an exquisitely delicate atmosphere, suspended between the melancholic and the moving, Gabanizza embrace us in a candid alcove, inside which he expresses the feeling of seeing certain expectations or hopes be disregarded, broken, slipping away ephemeral from the fingers of life.

‘All The Words We Never Said’ is available on Lorenzo Gabanizza’s Youtube channel and on Spotify as a double single, accompanied by the equally poetic song ‘No Love At All’.

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