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From the American art-rock duo Lore City comes the experimental psychedelic 9-track album Participation Mystique.

Saturn aligned directly with Pluto in the constellation of Capricorn: this is the incipit with which Lore City opens that esoteric chapter brought in the form of music that is Participation Mystique.

Transformative evolution, which calls into question the material and the spiritual, is the stellar dust that weaves the astronomical-conceptual plot of an album that is not idiomatic but well connected and at the end of that world of limbo and revolution in which we have capitulated.

While we are forced to remain anchored to our chessboards, closed in our stalls, Lore City assembles and offers us a visionary telescope, to march towards, or even just admire, what is not only outside the shell but also far beyond … beyond our backyards.

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