Emerging hip-hop storyteller LongliveMoses is out with his brand-new single titled ‘Ships Sail’.

Rising from New York, LongliveMoses presents his brand-new single titled ‘Ships Sail’, a song that represents a journey in which the storyteller artist talks about being ready for war, whatever may come.

As a thank you to the people who helped him get where he is, with ‘Ships Sail’ LongliveMoses unfolds the sails of the ship of his creativity, leading us to navigate into the hip-hop currents, driven by his flow and his stylistic signature.

Between melodic rhythms and rap rhymes, Moses’ vocals are everything here, sitting just above in the mix, while the background beat creates the right bouncy atmosphere that makes the track move forward.

Listen now to ‘Ships Sail’ by LongliveMoses and find out more about his music, checking the links below.

LongliveMoses // Ship Sails - single cover