Thanks to the way ‘ERASERR’ is a definitely significant showcase of his style, SA!KO presents himself to the masses by bringing a valid business card, certainly indicative of his potential, but even more of his creativity.

Undoubtedly made distinct by this creative vein, the track stands out for its mixture of rivulets, transparent lines and transverse parables that all together contribute simultaneously to organically feed a rarefied, smoky and atmospheric scenography with a dreamy mood.

The matrix that SA!KO identifies for his ‘ERASERR’ is the ambient genre, however there are a succession of subtle puffs, nuances and rivulets that fade into each other, contaminating one another, creating a decidedly original and distinctive compound.

‘ERASERR’ is a piece full of a histrionic touch nebulously rendered in a dreamlike aesthetic. Here LONE SA!KO finds ample space to let all of his creativity and touch breathe. He seems to be perfectly at ease in this drift moved by a decidedly characteristic and characterizing sound, while he unwraps effortlessly his lyrics with their disinterested inflection and yet airily played in harmony with the theme of the song.

The release of the single is also accompanied by the lyric video available on the LONE SA!KO Youtube channel.

Listen now to ‘ERASERR’, the debut single from LONE SA! KO, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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