Lobster Pot // You Won't See Me Again - single artwork
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With over three years in which they have written and performed in various venues and events, after the debut EP ‘Chum’ and the two previous singles ‘Depends on the Weather’ and ‘Jump in Blind’ (which received a lot of attention after being included in Spotify’s “Counter” playlist), Lobster Pot’s third work takes this band’s musical aesthetic to an even higher level.

Through hard and impertinent lyrics about getting definitively rid of a toxic relationship and being free to be yourself, 'You Won't See Me Again' is an aggressive and scratchy number, guided by Henry Horner's rocking guitars and the thrilling bass and drums work by Jordan Houghton and Abi Mann.

Full-bodied, well-structured, and densely rich and saturated by a feverish sense of involvement, the new sound exhibited by Lobster Pot seems literally matured, thanks above all to the further degree of penetration and definition with which all the scratchy and vibrant power of Immy Sleep’s vocal performance reaches us.

Lobster Pot’s new stylistic choice is an exhilarating and fresh funk creation in a contemporary key, organic and coherent in its development, with a catchy dynamic melody that fits into compelling syncopations that bounce between bass and drums.

The song title reads ‘You Won’t See Me Again’? We can only answer “we can’t wait to listen to you more!”

Listen now to ‘You Won’t See Me Again’, the latest single from Lobster Post and find out more about their music, checking the links below: