Melodically running the gamut between alternative, pop, rock and country sounds, the new single by the young and talented Lissy Taylor is sealed by a video that is enhanced by the elegant and refined vulnerability and expressiveness that this artist is able to exhibit.

Immersed in an atmosphere poised between reality and magic on which stand out the shadows that undermine self-esteem, through her gently touching and emotional performance, Taylor delves into the dark thoughts that are part and parcel of the internal struggles we face when we feel hopelessly alone and misunderstood.

Thanks to her pervasive touch of charm, both the song and the video show that Taylor already has such an artistic caliber that it will allow her to bring her profile to higher and higher levels.

With ‘Mayday’ Taylor gives us a tormented autobiographical narrative. Through the honest and refreshing mixture of lyrics and sounds that characterize the song, she sets up a comprehensive and reassuring embrace, making us aware of the fact that even if we have fallen, we can always get up again.

Listen now to ‘Mayday’, the latest release from Lissy Taylor, and find out more about her music checking the links below: