From South Korean electronic music producer Lisofv comes ‘A Mercy Bill’, an exotic suggestive nectar to escape to distant worlds.

Lisofv is an electronic music producer from South Korea, creating electronic instrumental music inspired by cinematic atmospheres, old school rhythms, and ’00s electronica vibes.

One of the latest from Lisofv is the Electronic Trip-hop Downtempo track titled ‘A Mercy Bill’. Taken from his recent EP ‘Piru’, this work is an exotic land that, through a charming beat and ancestral strings, intrigues and fascinates.

Here Lisofv captures Trip-Hop lines and organically embeds them in a more ethereal atmosphere, moving melodically between jazz nuances and cinematic landscapes.

Full of a sense of mystery that magnetizes the listening, Lisofv traces subtle tenses cloaked in secrecy, dubbing airy imaginative calls that refer the mind towards distant horizons.

Organic and constant in its cyclical texture, the old-school beat’s technicality is blended with deconstructed ad-libitum intrusions. These come with electronic elements that give body, density, and perspective to a listening experience capable of instilling pleasant and enveloping vibrations.

Sophisticated and refined, ‘A Mercy Bill’ denotes a peculiar work of rhythmic research, even before melodic, which Lisofv conducts with an inspired vision.

An interlude of 4 minutes of instrumental electronica, to relax at every listening, and grab a suggestive nectar to escape to distant worlds.

Liste now to ‘A Mercy Bill’ from Lisofv, and find out more about Lisofv and his music by checking the links below: