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NOVA ERA playlist

NOVA ERA is our unique playlist – weekly rotation featuring all the artists covered by our blog.
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Sky Saw // Fight or Stay

Sky Saw branches out lushly with the delicate Fight or Stay, a folk number that has its timeless roots in the strands of Folk music.

SHKIL // Mirrored Like Deja Vu

Mirrored Like Deja Vu is SHKIL’s melancholic mix that will pamper you in the RnB gall of the heartbreak Pop zone and Alternative tranquility.

Bean // Shawty

Hailing from Alabama, United States, up-and-coming artist Bean releases the breìand-new mellow Ambient Rap tune titled Shawty

Rick Shaffer // Bogalusa

“Bogalusa” is the late 1960s R&B-influenced rock single from “Sleeping Dog,” the brand new ten-track album released by veteran artist Rick Shaffer.

Alex Genadinik // Shakespearean Rhapsody

Shakespearean Rhapsody by Alex Genadinik, a song inspired by art and literature, which reimagines what would happen to Shakespearean characters Romeo and Juliet if they stayed together.

Rita Shamrakova // Demons

Dark hues, a deep passion for the piano, and a candid voice that rises from shadowy realms. The brand new work of Ukrainian artist Rita Shamrakova is the single titled Demons.

Lenax // Purity

Interviewing Metal band Lenax on the release of their primordial and compelling 5-track EP “Purity.”

BB Stevens // Spirit Be Gone!

Out now, the music video for “Spirit Be Gone!”, the first Southern Rock single from BB Stevens’ brand new EP “Not My Monkeys.”