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Pennan Brae // Cinema - album front cover

Pennan Brae // Cinema

Cinema, the 9th album by Pennan Brae, the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter whose music is influenced by the 70s and 80s, has arrived, following his previous studio album Lit.

Dai Lo // Go Flex - single cover artwork

Dai Lo // Go Flex

Dai Lo’s new catchy tune is the bouncing single Go Flex, #53 straight music video in the sequel he announced earlier this year.

Denae // My Dark Place Stripped - EP cover artwork

Denae // My Dark Place Stripped

From Discovery Weekly on Spotify to over 50k streams, Denae’s latest EP, My Dark Place Stripped, is a touching condensation of chaos and excitement dripped from the swing of an emotional pendulum.

Third Lung – Falling Stone

Emotional, evocative, ravishing – Third Lung opens up an incredible window with the single video Falling Stone, premising what we can expect from their upcoming lives.

6$LUM // Level Up, The Curse

From rising artist 6$LUM come Level Up and The Curse, two rapturing hip-hop numbers, the anticipation of an upcoming EP expected in July.

Bry444n // Angels

Popping between hip-hop, trap-soul, and alternative, the latest ace dropped by Bry444n is Angels, the tune taken from his brand-new 3 track EP EQUINOX.