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Leone Marco Bartolo // Algoritmo

Algoritmo, the brand new, fresh, and compelling mantra of the Italian singer-songwriter Leone Marco Bartolo envelops and explodes between evolution, natural selection, and the influence of algorithms in the spasmodic hunt for the “better version.”

Kaden Frost // No Season

Kaden Frost, a rising artist in the world of hip-hop, is set to release a gripping, anthemic, and biting new single, “No Season,” which will be available in all digital stores on May 26.

Don Pasquale Ferone // Presenza

Don Pasquale Ferone // Presenza

From the celebration of the presence of the Lord to the infectious contagiousness of the anthemic message and rhythmic guitars, Don Pasquale Ferone launches his message of love, and warmth, which can go even beyond the sacredness of the faith.

Jen Ash // Trouble

Chart-topping R&B artist former pro basketball player Jen Ash releases new single “Trouble,” a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.

Shayne Cook // Miles Away

Shayne Cook releases music that’s both emotional and stripped down, extolling wide, open reverberant folk-pop – his latest single is “Miles Away.”

Pete Miller // I Wrote Hannah a Letter

Melancholy folk reminiscent of the most iconic acts and a pure and pristine acoustic guitar to embrace the rich voice of Pete Miller – this is “I Wrote Hannah a Letter,” a track taken from the recent album “Live On Record.”

John Vento // Brick by Brick

John Vento is out with the title track of his album “Brick by Brick,” a rock number that erects a courageous, almost shameless need to shout this addictive anthem at the top of its lungs.