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Jen Ash // Trouble

Chart-topping R&B artist former pro basketball player Jen Ash releases new single “Trouble,” a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.

Shayne Cook // Miles Away

Shayne Cook releases music that’s both emotional and stripped down, extolling wide, open reverberant folk-pop – his latest single is “Miles Away.”

Pete Miller // I Wrote Hannah a Letter

Melancholy folk reminiscent of the most iconic acts and a pure and pristine acoustic guitar to embrace the rich voice of Pete Miller – this is “I Wrote Hannah a Letter,” a track taken from the recent album “Live On Record.”

John Vento // Brick by Brick

John Vento is out with the title track of his album “Brick by Brick,” a rock number that erects a courageous, almost shameless need to shout this addictive anthem at the top of its lungs.

The Curse of KK Hammond // In The Dirty South

With a catchy hook and grooving blackening rhythm, “In The Dirty South” is a bluesy trip to the dark underbelly of the American deep south, venturing through character’s tales of woe told in the typical storytelling style of The Curse of KK Hammond.

Alex Krawczyk // Rhythm of the Road

Following the success of her 2022 debut album, “Le Olam,” and thickening her nomination for Best New Artist in the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Canada-based folk singer-songwriter Alex Krawczyk released her brand-new hybrid-folk single “Rhythm of the Road.”

Tia McGraff // Sometimes Love’s Like That

Pristine and genuine, Tia McGraff enchants with the delicate touch of the pop-folk tune “Sometimes Love’s like That;” the pure gem is taken from her latest seven-track emotional EP titled “With Love.”

See Your Shadow Songwriting // Whatever on the Rocks

After celebrating 20 years in the making of the See Your Shadow Songwriting moniker by releasing a double album, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman returns with a new country single titled “Whatever on the Rocks.”

Sarantos // Another Surgery

Chart-Topping Chicago-Based Musician Sarantos reflects on the experience of losing his father by releasing his latest single, “Another Surgery.”