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Pete Sahaidachny // Voice In Your Heart

The fourth song released by Pete Sahaidachny on the Creative Vibrations label, Voice In Your Heart is a touching parenthesis that reflects on the dizzying pace of modern life.

Hollow Echoes - EP artwork

Hollow Echoes // Hollow Echoes

Able to give delicate caresses, hopeful capitulations, unbridgeable losses, and atavistic bewilderments, the self-titled EP by Hollow Echoes magically unwinds along the common thread of time.

Clairox - Envolée vers l'Horizon - album cover artwork

Clairox // Envolée vers l’Horizon

From the multifaceted flair and mesmeric touch of CLAIROX, French singer-songwriter of ineffable talent, comes the second album – Envolée vers l’Horizon – a collection of 16 tracks of impeccable vibrancy.

Rick Shaffer // Too Much

Rick Shaffer hits another strike with the new biting and grooving single from Rock root titled “Too Much.”

Sandeep Kulkarni // Parvaaz

To soar high and fly with no boundaries – Sandeep Kulkarni’s latest tune, the Rock single titled “Parvaaz,” works as a ray of sunshine that strengthens roots and inspires souls.

Joshua Wayne Jones // Small Town

Suspended between classic and modern, country artist Joshua Wayne Jones touches and inspires with the vibrant piece of work “Small Town.”