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John O’Brien // STOP!!

STOP!! – John O’Brien comes out with new single launching his British tour for June, plus the Interview to unveil the eternal spark of the four-decade veteran.

Alex Costova // Don’t Let Me Go

From versatile Bostonian artist Alex Costova comes “Don’t let me go,” an impressive piece that relaxes with fresh and innovative progressive pop harmonies amidst the scent of electronic synths and the sweetness of piano notes.

The Proper Authorities // Perfect Alibi

The Proper Authorities, solo project packaged as a one-man band by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Keith Adams, is out with his new multi-stylized Pop/ock piece “Perfect Alibi.”

Nadia Vaeh // Never Leave the Basement

“Never Leave the Basement”, the latest from Nadia Vaeh, Atlanta-native indie artist winner of the IMA “Vox Pop”, is a hooking twinge on troubles within society, social media, and quarantine.

Imelda Gabs // Fallen Angel

Imelda Gabs, Belgian singer, pianist, songwriter, and producer, explores Pop music’s darker depths by releasing her first self-produced single, “Fallen Angel.”

Bobby Royale // Ain’t Love

Swedish rap group Bobby Royale reverses the trend heading back to the origins of Hip-Hop by releasing the single tune “Ain’t love.”

LT & B OH MY // Light Years Away

“Light Years Away”, the latest single from LT & B OH MY, takes us into a space between the lines, bending the linearity of our ordinary things, of our daily lives.

Solo Tyree // Pain

Solo Tyree rings and vibes, letting us know that there is always someone out there feeling that “Pain.”