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Bear’s Towers // Prism

From Annecy, France, indie-pop band Bear’s Towers enlights us with uplifting and engaging EP “Prism,” a shell in which to find protection and get flooded by shivering thrills.

Masa // No Matter What, No Matter Where

Japanese artist with a multicultural background Masa recently released his debut single “No Matter What, No Matter Where,” a highlight of his journey which saw him perform in European festivals and playing shows in over 10 countries and 25 cities.

Briya Jordan // Out Grew

Following her recent 16-track debut project “Night After Night,” Briya Jordan returns with the brand-new single titled “Out Grew,” out on January 23, 2021.

Magnif PonDiRiddim // Wanna Be Loved

Artist with Barbadian roots Magnif PonDiRiddim vibrates romance with his in-Fusion blend in the single “Wanna Be Loved” and the official video for “Romance”

Maria Rago - Red Land - CD album artwork

Maria Rago // Red Land

Italian pianist and composer Maria Rago earns the highest peaks of passion in “Red Land”, her brand-new 15-track CD of riotous electric guitars and massive orchestral symphonies, set to be released on February 7, 2021.

GEA // Sun Fights The Moon

Finnish artist GEA extols progressive cinematic waves in her latest single “Sun Fights the Moon,” to celebrate Nordic darkness and the seasonal battle between day and night silhouetted by lunar and solar eclipses.

Alan Dreezer // Equal

Set to be released on February 12, 2021, “Equal” is the 5th single by Alan Dreezer, taken from his forthcoming sophomore album “HEALED” – a preview of the new page of an artist who, in exposing his frailties, becomes stronger and stronger. An armor of morality and righteousness.

Electric High // Sleeping With The Enemy

Norwegian rock band Electric High is back with “Sleeping With The Enemy,” brand-new electrifying 4th single – now accompanied by an official video – delivering a shocking full-set made to vibrate in your speakers.

ROHΔN // Babbar Sher

A multi-faceted artist, Australian-based rapper ROHΔN presents his project, drawn upon his musical background and cultural upbringing, through Babbar Sher, music video installation that synthesizes traditional and cultural South-Asian instrumentation with contemporary Western Hip-hop frameworks.