Focused on taking American country and bluegrass to the next level, Lindsay Mulder is putting a twist on her music, creating a cross-genre hybrid of mottled alternative rock.

So, rather than sticking to her Alabama roots and continuing the tradition of country music, Lindsay drew inspiration from the parallel universe of musical inspiration in which she grew up.

“It was this weird mix of summer porch bluegrass and gospel, heavy metal, and alternative rock (laughs). I was always a wallflower. I just didn’t quite fit in anywhere. That’s kind of the approach I take with my music. I like to experiment,” she says, adding that she is also considering producing a “hick-hop” track, although this is a genre that not many women are willing to try their hand at.

Growing up, she experienced severe depression that manifested itself in musical expression, a feeling that really never left. As she explains: “The outlet is still here.” Then, speaking of her 16-year military career, she continues: “I just closed the drawer and did what needed to be done.”

This is an outcome we find also in her latest single she released on all the major digital stores. Musically atypical schism, built on non-linear bundles of guitars and drums, her ‘Fractured’ is an interesting expression of what it feels like to be confused, dissociated.

Now firmly back to songwriting, after ‘Fractured’, she is already working on her next project to be released in early October. As centered on helping and supporting new artists, she’s building a foundation for her label Rock Prairie Records.

Definitely a prolific and a proactive artist, will be really interesting to see what comes next.

Listen now to ‘Fractured’, the latest single from Lindsay Mulder, and find out more about her music, by checking the links below:

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