Introducing the upcoming mixtape titled ‘Uncle Slimevester 2’, expected in April 2020, the emerging artist Lil Syl recently released his latest official music video on Youtube.

This is ‘Home Alone’, a number vibrating in the space of the most classic hip-hop, in which Lil Syl shows off all the raw and direct punch of his flow rap, constantly encapsulated in a self-empowering scheme.

Incisive, direct and full of energy, ‘Home Alone’ is a load of intuitive hooks and killer tones, with a mix full to the brim with pumping bass. A display of Syl’s lively and edgy style that in this mix brings the right touch of movement and rhythmic dynamics to make the track surge on by itself, making it flow away smooth as silk.

Spread over beats with an almost disturbing atmosphere and cinematic aesthetics, Lil Syl’s flow rhymes unfold in cyclical repetitions at breakneck speed, giving the song an unstoppable drive that magnetically drags you along in an unexpected whirl, up to the end of the track, amid sound bites and sound effects, gunshots and children’s voices.

Lil Syl // Home Alone - single artwork
Lil Syl // Home Alone - single artwork

Check out now Lil Syl’s ‘Home Alone’ on Youtube, and don’t forget to follow him on his socials to keep updated on fresh new releases from this artist.