Lil Casino, a young San Diego artist with the spirit of a survivor.
Let’s explore his music together.

Lil Casino is the stage name under which Billy Huegel performs his committed rap, designed to be more than just entertainment.

With his music, in a mix of self-esteem and freedom, Lil Casino wanders through daydreams that follow one another and contain the elements of a carefree lifestyle.

After a difficult moment in his personal life, Lil Casino has rediscovered himself in hip hop music. Today things are going well for Lil Casino, and this is a result on which the artist has worked hard over time. A result that today is also reflected in the success of his songs.

"Reinventing the Wheel" by Lil Casino - artwork
Reinventing the Wheel” by Lil Casino – artwork

Some people tell me it’s impossible to be a famous rapper; what a shame it would be if I agreed with them.

Lil Casino
from Lil Casino‘ Instagram profile

Reinventing the Wheel” is to date the best expression of the sum of all these factors that represent Lil Casino. From “Destined To Be“, through “And Then” and “Sorry About That” to “We Got Us“, this album is a truly remarkable production.

The arrangements are detailed, intelligently constructed to provide the perfect environment to host Lil Casino‘s vocal performance, which gives us an intelligible lyrical rap, showcased with feeling.

Reinventing the Wheel” is an album with a fresh sound, full of catchy melodies, which, track after track, flows naturally, like the passage of time.

Reinventing the Wheel” is the story of a boy.
“Just” a normal boy, who believes in the greatness of each of us.

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