Half-Greek and half-Turkish London-based Leyla Diamondi is a 20-years-old artist making alt-pop R&B music through her mental health challenge, as a journey she’s dealing with and still is on.

The first version of the song was written by Leyla when she was around 13. After some consistent requests from her brother and a few OG fans, she went through all her old songwriting books and files, and immediately reconnected with the emotional state and the heartbreak contained in ‘Make Up Your Mind’.

“Make Up Your Mind is about how in a relationship, things are sometimes complicated. I found that being in quarantine you really see all the best things and all the mess in your relationships, and, with the mess, you decide whether you can work through it or not? You ‘Make Up Your Mind’ – so Leyla shares her momentum and the backdrop about her latest release – “Make Up Your Mind was a phrase I used to tell myself a lot when being indecisive and fearful about what decision to make or path to choose. I feel overcoming this fear brought me a lot of power and clarity allowing me to be rational in complicated situations, like relationships. “

Leyla is a promising rising artist to keep an eye on, who already shines thanks to her artistic persona from which exude talent, musicality and magnetism.

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